Are You on BlogLovin’?

Fellow bloggers, writers, digital nomads and lovers of all the above: There is a new interface out there designed to bring us all together in a simple and interactive way. It is much like a Facebook for blogs, with a newsfeed curated by you, bringing together all your favorite websites into one simple feed. If […]


Village Markets | Indonesia

Markets Make the World Go Round   I come from a land dominated by towering supermarkets with larger-than-life produce sections containing everything from local fare to exotically sourced produce and products (read : traveled 10,000 miles). Avocados are not always in season and neither are pineapples. But big companies make this a reality for supermarkets by exporting […]

Travel Far, Travel Wide

Grace, power, elegance and a fierce love for the environment; these ladies are among the top of my “Women I Admire” list. This film will haunt my dreams in the best possible way. Aside from the very obvious fact that this is shot in Tonga, in crystal clear waters, with waves and whales, these women represent a […]

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