A Little 2014 Roundup

This past year was a pretty wild ride. Nine countries, six continents, and far too many "pinch me" moments to count. I pushed the limits. I traveled farther than I ever have, crossed the globe and time traveled through every time zone. I tested my mental flexibility, surfing, comfort zones and possibilities. I met wild Spinner dolphins, surfed … Continue Reading ››

The Impossibility of Comprehension

Have you ever felt small? Truly tiny, infinitesimally, and incomprehensibly small? Maybe it happened when you were looking at the stars, or swimming in an ocean, or standing on a corner in a busy city, immersing yourself in something greater than yourself? I have this feeling most often when I've landed somewhere new. Looking around, realizing that my "world" my "reality" is … Continue Reading ››

because the world is your playground