Monday Madness?

The beginning of the week can be tough. Like really tough. Like yourbestfriendisgettingmarried-you’rebroke-noinspiration-stuckinarut-feelingsick-notimeoff tough. But sometimes all you really need to do is just flip your perspective. If things are all upside down, maybe you should be too. So now, I’m going to go hang my body off the side of my bed and let all the […]

My Top Web Resources

We all love the internet for so many reasons. Cat videos, food blogs, online shopping, ebooks, streaming movies and personal blogs are all the rage. All the time. Above all, it is a wealth of information available for free, at any time of the day, any time of the week, whenever, wherever.  It used to […]


Wake UP

  If you haven’t heard of Holstee… hold onto your hats. The revolutionary movement of mindful thinking, passionate living and dream weaving curates a blog, created a manifesto to change the world and empowers people around the world to pursue a life of meaning.  They’ve recently tackled the painful assumption that those who pursue their […]

Top Turn

Travel Talks | Salt Gypsy: the Future

Salt Gypsy; a dynamic surf lifestyle blogger, surfwear designer who actually surfs, dream weaver, leap-of-faith-taker and joyful inspiration. In this edition of Travel Talks with Salt Gypsy, we cover the tough stuff: The future of Salt Gypsy and women’s surfing. Now that we know how you landed your dream job in the Maldives, is it still your […]

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