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20 Best Surf Towns

by Emma March 7, 2013 0 comment
Playa Guiones


Surf on the brain

I know GlobalFrolic has been a little surf-heavy recently, but what can you expect when I’m in Costa Rica surfing my brains out? National Geographic is a connoisseur of all things beautiful, natural and powerful in our world. Occasionally, they put something out there that makes me want to cry out of joy, pick up everything, and sign my life away. This article is one of those instances.

As a lover of all things oceanic and tidal; surfing fulfills something primal inside. It evokes fear, adrenaline, joy and euphoria all at the same time. Seeking out new surf spots is more than just a search for the perfect wave, it’s a search for the perfect surf town. A place in which surfing is not just celebrated, but is a way of life. Coupled with consistent, decent waves, good energy, and friendly locals.. the perfect surf town is a tough find.

Movies like the Endless Summer, Point Break and Chasing Mavericks cater to not only surf enthusiasts, but also those who dream of the lifestyle that comes along with it. There is a reason surf brands like Roxy, Quicksilver, O’Neill, and Billabong all sell more than just surf necessities. The style, the vibe, the dream lives on in all of us. The towns listed in this National Geographic article embody not only the lifestyle, but capture the dreamer in all of us. I’m certain there are more than just twenty “perfect” surf towns on our expansive planet. Although I am writing this post a mere 100 meters away from the best surf break, in Nosara, one of the twenty.

Nosara is on the coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula; beach, reef and point breaks are all on the agenda. With an array of options for lodging, from hotels to hostels… beach bungalows to hillside houses; anyone with any budget can enjoy. Sixteen surf schools, the Nosara Yoga Institute, and a budding-surf-mecca vibe;  it is developing quickly to accommodate those who are in search of the perfect surf town.

Know about an awesome surf town not listed on National Geographic’s compilation? Let me know.. perhaps I can go do some research.



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