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A Day in Dominica…

by Emma January 23, 2014 0 comment

I’ve written about the Fruit Basket of the Caribbean before, put together galleries of hikes and greenery, but what I haven’t done is walk you through unchartered territory. Off the tourist map and into the jungle we shall go. These pictures are what survived a fourteen day backpacking adventure, the stories will live on in my heart, the people will live on in my soul.

Tu Pac
A play on the infamous Tu Pac, the 1Pac banana spot is found on the main road through Marigot. For a third world country they have far more resourceful ways of reduce-reuse-recycle, I spy with my little eye some reused car tires.


The catch
Still very much hunters and gatherers, our new Dominican friends took us Whelk collecting for their dinner stews. Mother Nature provides us with far more than we [Westerners] appreciate.


After hours of rock scrambling and climbing, food at home is just too far away. No worries, a coconut or two will suffice.


LifeRegardless of where you are going and at what rate, Dominicans will always stop driving, walking, biking to say “good morning/afternoon/evening” and ask how you are. It is only right that we appreciate the little things along the way. What begins as a quick walk of the land turns into hours of adventuring and appreciation.


Carib accom
A still-developing country, many live in hand constructed houses. This one was atop a mountain ridge in the Carib Territory, complete with guard dog.


A man of many talents, Diver, fire chief of Marigot, our new friend and self-proclaimed guide runs into us while we are backpacking through the Carib Territory.

He graciously escorts our canine trail guides back home. A man of insatiable kindness, he brought us to many hidden gems and is living proof that Dominican hospitality is over the top.

Shower head
In the Rouseau Valley, home of the Boiling Lake, a backyard sulphur spring turns into the ultimate bathing experience.

Bamboo shoots filter some of the minerals out of the steaming sulphuric water.

You can spend hundreds renting a guest house, a car, hotel rooms.

Or you can rely on your feet and the hospitality of others and learn more about yourself and the country you are exploring.


Hikers relaxing
Some things you cannot pass up, no matter how trivial and touristy they may seem.

Trifalgar falls, two enormous waterfalls on the island, consist of one fresh water and one sulphuric waterfall. Years ago the sulphuric waterfall was a uninteruppted source of steaming hot mineral water from the Boiling Lake itself.

Earthquakes and tremors have changed the course of rivers and streams, now causing the once hot waterfall to become lukewarm. Regardless, the natural pools were an incredible afternoon adventure.

Lake steam
I’ve already written about the famous Boiling Lake and reference it often, but pictures and words just cannot give it due justice.


Should you visit this beautiful country in the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, be sure to visit

  • Hibiscus Valley in Marigot for your arrival and departure stays near the airport
  • Three Rivers Eco Lodge and campgrounds for an unparalleled rainforest experience
  • Ti Kwen Glo Cho in the Rousseau Valley for the best backyard hotsprings
  • Brandy Manor for unparalleled accommodation amongst nature, beautiful horses and hospitality.

I am one of those people who loves to return to beloved destinations and explore further, understand more, see more and Dominica is no different. I plan on returning as soon as I am able. The Waitukubli trail, the sulphur baths, the people and the diving all deserve a second look.

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