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A Little 2014 Roundup

by Emma January 6, 2015 0 comment

This past year was a pretty wild ride.

Nine countries, six continents, and far too many “pinch me” moments to count.

I pushed the limits. I traveled farther than I ever have, crossed the globe and time traveled through every time zone. I tested my mental flexibility, surfing, comfort zones and possibilities. I met wild Spinner dolphins, surfed with Dugongs, learned to ride a motorbike, learned to fall off a motorbike, read more books than I would’ve dreamed of and killed off mosquitos with ninja-like prowess.


I sat in silence for ten days on the edge of a volcano. I lived on a boat, in a van and in a tree house. Komodo dragons and baby monkeys graced my presence. The spectrum of experiences ranged from “I can’t believe this is happening” to “I can’t believe this is happening”. We all grow and learn from new experiences, even the ones that leave you hanging on for dear life.

The most important lesson of the past year for me? Impermanence. Feelings, emotions, situations, weather patterns, relationships, your anatomical structure, everything changes faster than you can imagine. We humans love to think we have control of things, but in reality, our control is very limited. The only constant is change.

Walking Komodo

Thank you to anyone who’s ever waited on the end of an unanswered email, or waited at the end of an airport terminal, or sat with patience at the end of a long-winded explanation catching me up on First World things.

I love you all, for everything you teach me. If there is anything 2014 has taught me, it’s to do what you want with your life, follow your dreams and don’t ever wait until you’re ready.

Sanabria Joy

I now spend my days nursing baby Howler Monkeys back to health, surfing at sunrise and sunset, and happened to walk upon the hatching of baby sea turtles on the first day of the near year.

2014 brought me incredible joy.

2015 is looming with possibility.

Bring it on.



If you’d like to catch up with me in 2015, be featured in a Travel Talks interview or join the byline, we are looking for new adventurers, photographers and fun-loving humans to join the team. Contact me if you are interested at globalfrolic@gmail.com.

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