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A Message for Monday

by Emma November 24, 2016 0 comment

This article was originally written for and published by Kulae.com under the title Contentment is Not Conditional with photography by Andrew Bustin

Oh, Monday.

A domino effect:

I’ll feel better when it’s Friday.

I’ll be happier when I finish this project.

I’ll feel satisfied when I land this job.

I’ll be content when I start eating healthier.

I’ll feel like a real yogi when I nail that pose.


When the summer’s over.

When the holidays come.

When I look a certain way.

When. When. When. When?

Contentment is not conditional.


The grass is greener, they say.

10 Steps to a Better You, they claim.

How to Never Fully Accept Yourself, I read.

A fine line between development and punishment.

We don’t need our future Self to be Something or Someone.

Contentment lies in acceptance of the current situation.

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