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An Ode to TicaSurf

by Emma March 4, 2013 1 comment

The Ultimate Search

Fellow lady friends, if you take part in any kind of physical activity on or near a body of water.. you know the dangers you have to brave in a bikini. Many a Madonna moment awaits you if you attempt to surf in a bikini. Varying degrees of shame can ensue in one surf session.

Surfing Waikiki

From merely showing off your pre-summer shade to full-frontal-assaults on your pride, surfing in a bikini is a tricky dance. One tug here, one double knot there, and get that bathing suit out of my buttcrack. It’s not every session, not every wave, but for me, no bikini dare stay on me for long sessions, huge hurricane swell, or massive wipeout.


Multiple thoughts arise when you are being tumbled by the ocean’s energy, along with “oh crap which way is up”, “so this is what a spin-cycle feels like” and “I’m too old for this” comes “heyyyy now where are my bottoms!!”. I’m always jealous of my guy friends out there, sitting next to me in the lineup, completely comfortable and confident that their suits wont be ripped off by the lip of a wave, giving the shoreline crowds a show. And no, I’m not saying they don’t think about it, in fact, they probably never think about it. Aside from a few stormy days, wardrobe malfunctions occur primarily with the female population.

The difference between tugging up my bathing suit and taking that extra paddle sometimes means I don’t make it out of the inside, with all that whitewater rushing around you. There are two choices: trying to paddle myself around the shoulder of a wave and get out of its way, or to make sure my lady bits aren’t showing. In certain climates, it benefits to have a wetsuit that keeps everything secure. But in hotter climates, where even rashguards make you break sweat in the heat of the day, a secure suit is desirable.

Surfing Nosara

Answering that call is TicaSurf, a small Costa Rican surf bikini company. Veronica, the owner, sought out to make bikinis for women who SURF and swim. The swimsuits are handstitched and delivered to boutiques all around the Nicoya Peninsula. The tell-tale contrast stitching, as well as fun and bright colors in a variety of coverage options make these bikinis unique and one of a kind.

Shopping for a TicaSurf bikini was the best swimsuit shopping experience I’ve ever had. The bikinis are made for women, by women. Every woman in the store is not just looking for the average bikini, they are searching for the perfect bikini. Complete strangers helped me with my choice, noting the different advantages and disadvantages of each suit.


Non-surf-chicks take notice:

Not all the bathing suits are specifically tailored to surfing, there are bandeaus, halters and cheeky bottoms as well. Each suit is one of a kind, you may have a similar pattern to another, but the cut and the stitch are always different. The reversible aspect allows for another great design feature: you get two bikinis for the price of one.

If you are interested in checking out a TicaSurf bikini for yourself,

check out their WordPress page for contact information.

Happy surfing!


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