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Collaboration Station: Yeah Vinyasa Yoga

by Emma August 12, 2014 0 comment

Why do you think you did all those group projects in school?

Because collaborating with people in life, work, love and creativity is how you thrive in this world. Our ability to engage and create with others is important.

At the beginning of this year my dear friend Daniela, of Yeah Vinyasa Yoga, showed up in Indonesia at my doorstep. We’ve somehow landed on the same side of the planet yet again. From Costa Rica, to Mexico, to the U.S. to a small island in Southeast Asia… we’ve daydreamed, played, and brainstormed together along the way, knowing that at some point we’d be working together.

Daniela began Yeah Vinyasa Yoga as a way to teach her craft around the world and meet others who shared similar passions. She interviews therapists, yogis and healers to hear what they have to say.

This January when we created a video series featuring a multi-talented physical therapist-massuese-yogi. The first of the series, Tie&Fly, is a look inside the strange and wonderful world of AcroYoga and therapeutic bondage (did I really just write that?).

Tie and Fly Series

I was first introduced to the technique at a wonderful festival at the Green School in Bali. From far away it looked like what I’ve seen so many times before, a human precariously balanced on another’s hands and feet, whipping around with incredible balance and strength. When I got closer I realized that the “flyer” was tied up. Tied the F up. I didn’t want to stare, but I did anyway. It’s not something you see everyday. Hands bound with red rope behind his back, shoulder blades drawn out, chest open, eyes closed.

One month later and I was lying in the grass next to a pool with my camera trained on a man, bound with the same red rope, eyes closed. Here’s what happened:
Tie and Fly SeriesTie and Fly SeriesSmiles

The art of Tie&Fly – Subtitulado from Yeah Vinyasa Yoga on Vimeo.

To see the full Tie & Fly therapy work, watch this:

Tie&Fly from Yeah Vinyasa Yoga on Vimeo.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from YVY and Global Frolic. Next up is some underwater action.

For more information about the physiotherapist, check out his website.

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