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The Curious Case of the Cosmos

by Chris Shane February 26, 2016 0 comment

The cosmos, they seem to dangle from each shiny speck the answers to all of the questions we seek; I suppose that’s one reason we look up at night.

The allure of knowing our ultimate truth lies embedded amongst the visibly infinite, somewhere up there. Perhaps that’s why we chase these sights – following the path of early Everest climber George Mallory, who famously responded to why he climbs mountains with something along the lines of, because it is there.

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The cosmos exist, therefore we must go – because it is there.

It’s the foundation that supports our never ending sense of awe. The extent to which we can possibly know is in fact, unknowable. What could peak our human curiosity more than that?

To be in touch with this insatiable urge is every bit enthralling, and we feel more alive than we can ever replicate in our regular, day to day routines. To fully understand this opens up the world to us in previously unimaginable ways. It gives rise to the possibility of sights like this. It makes the highest mountains attainable to our own physical selves. That urge to learn the skills we need to get ourselves to these very scenes.

There is no going back to regular life from here.

We’re too far gone.

It’s what our dreams look like now.

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And we know our dreams can change the world.


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