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Defending My Right to Have Fun

by Emma March 18, 2015 0 comment

Sometimes things happen in life that inspire me to write. Sometimes I write because I feel like I need to tell people about a topic. Sometimes I write because well, I bought a damn domain name, and hosting service, and have put so much work into this website that I feel obligated to.

But Obligations aren’t necessarily fun. When this website starts to feel like an obligation, another number on a to-do list, I start to dread logging in and putting my shit together. It becomes… not fun.

I know blogging burn out happens to a lot of us. Many a big name writer, blogger, v-logger (whatever you want to call them) burn out… hard. Mostly because many of us don’t get paid for what we spend hundreds of hours on. Mostly because what started as a source of fun, inspiration, and creativity started to fall in line with “do your laundry”, “buy milk” and “file taxes”.

Are you falling for the trap?

Johnie, of DirtBag Darling, recently wrote about her burn out, and how that lead to a re-discovery of why she started in the first place. Feeling like the website becoming a chore, she was suffering what a lot of us suffer from: Life Envy. With social media as a well curated “look at my life” show, we can often fall into the trap of believing that it is as good as it looks.

It is easy to believe that every woman on my Instagram feed does actually hang ten toes off the nose of their surfboard, that everyone coated in sand and draped over pink sand doesn’t have said sand in their lady gardens, that yogis are always upside down and in a pretzel, that everyone is having a bigger, better, more epic adventure than I am.

Flores Water

The truth? It does not matter what anyone else is doing.

What matters most is your ability to have fun. To tell it like it is. To keep doing what you need to do to have fun. NOT to compete with someone’s highlight reel of their life. Focus on yourself. Your fun. Your life. Not what you’re going to inevitably post on the damn news feed.

I love Johnie’s new slogan: Defenders of Fun.

May we all defend our right to have fun, to not care about what filter to slap on the current moment, to forget that life still happens outside of social media, to ignore news feed, stop scrolling and start LIVING.

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.53.15 AM

So here’s what I do to start living again. I take time off from every work related activity that fills my days. I drive up the coast (or down), leave behind everything but a camera, bathingsuits and boards. I do exactly what I want to: read, sleep, surf, swim, take photographs of everything, hammock, cook, repeat.

The result? Fun.

Under the sea
Upside down, wrong side up, backwards and inside out… I was swimming around in shore break tubes trying to get beautiful shots of the waves from the inside. This is what happens when you drink your weight in salt water.

Underneath the lip
The point where every surfer is either happy they’ve in shape, or feeling pretty unsure about their duck-dive.

Body surf
Bodysurfing smiles, all day.


All smiles
What will you do this weekend to defend your right to have fun?

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