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For the Days You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

by Emma March 7, 2016 0 comment
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We are a walking repository of experiences. Feelings. Reactions. Circumstances. Ups. Downs. In-betweens.

All that you’ve ever been, all that you will ever be, lies within you.

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We all have our own shit. The downfalls. The shortcomings. The heartbreaks. The negative-nancy moments. The days where you just cannot get out of bed, or out of your head, or out of your own way.

You can let your shit pile up, stacking high to the sky, sealing you in a little tower of shit swallowing you hole.

Or you can use it as fertilizer.

This requires touching it. Looking it in the face. Placing it carefully down on the Earth. Planting seeds in the icky stuff.

What will you grow?

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If anything, we must learn that there is something worthwhile in every experience.  The struggle, the pain, the confusion, the uncertainty.  If you continue to look at painful events as a curse, or poisonous luck, or someone else’s fault..

If you fail to see the good, even is just a sliver of light shining through the crack underneath your bedroom door…

That light that reminds you the world outside still exists.

The light that is just bright enough to seep in.

If you fail to see these situations as turning signals..

Or as fertilizer for better things to come..

Then you, my dear, have not felt true Freedom.

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