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Fotogenic Phriday: Beauty at Dusk

by Emma August 22, 2014 0 comment

I commit my life to independent travel. I commit to follow my erratic desires to travel to far flung islands, to connect with local cultures, to eat different food, to hear different music, to pursue unridden waves, to witness sunsets, to love, to write, to experience what it is to be a human.

Along the way, I found that I have a thing for sunsets. Just like a first love, I can’t shake that feeling when I see them, I want nothing more than to revel in the beauty, to take it all in. What makes sunsets beautiful is that they are always changing. Every moment of a sunset is a gradual change, a constant reminder that life is fleeting, that what was once there will never BE again.

Aside from the hue of the sky, erratic clouds and landscapes, I find that people at dusk are the most beautiful. Whether at work or at play, the time of the day when the sun has gone to rest casts a specific light on everyone.

My grandmother used to say that everyone looks good by candlelight.


A seaweed farmer on Nusa Lembongan brings in his harvest.

Well I think everyone looks good by sunset-light.

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