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Fotogenic Phriday: Pavones Handstand

by Emma February 2, 2014 0 comment

Well, I’ve done it again. Another Sunday edition of Fotogenic Phriday. This past week has been full of so much excitement that I forewent my responsibility of bringing you something to look at. This is from my trip last year to Costa Rica, towards the end of my stay. It was taken in Pavones, a small surf town on the southwestern tip of the country, where the road literally ends. The town is a culmination of everything I love about Costa Rica: gorgeous waves, beautiful beaches, wonderful locals, parrots & monkeys and pico de gallo.

When the swell picks up, the locals claim it is the longest left hand ride in the world, but as you can see in the picture, it wasn’t working at the time. So, yoga it is.

Root down

I haven’t written much about my relationship with yoga,  however, if I am going to stay true to my mission statement The world is your playground then I’ve got to come clean. I am an addict.

Yoga has worked its way into my life over the past 10 years, stemming from a few lame YMCA classes, eventually finding my hot Hatha and Vinyasa obsession that led to a full-fledged home asana and meditation practice. There are times where I have let the practice slip away from me, only to be reminded that it is the one tangible source of inner peace I can cultivate. I don’t try to push it on people, because it either calls to you and you listen or you keep your heart safely tucked away, wary of the work involved.

Many believe that yogis are forever happy-go-lucky, brimming with love and light and ethereal gratitude. I think that is a crock of shit (unless of course, you are forever happy-go-lucky and brimming with love, light and ethereal gratitude). Yoga will allow you to notice your suffering, help you identify where there are cracks in your heart, and force you to dive right in. But that isn’t with some serious consequences. You’ve got to rip your own heart out, deal with your ridiculous ego, and at the same time breathe while your hamstrings are screaming.

Yoga is simply the practice of accepting who you are and dealing with the consequences. Not becoming a unicorn, a gymnast, a pretzel or a sprinkle fairy dust giggly puff. If I’ve peaked your curiosity, check out Yeah Vinyasa Yoga, a wonderful group of global yogis spreading the word and practice. I know many of them personally and you may just see me pop up in some of their wonderful video and photo edits.


I plan on writing more about my practice, it just hasn’t happened yet and I honestly don’t feel a need to force it. But in the mean time, if you’ve made it down here, I thank you. Namaste.

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