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Fotogenic Phriday: Seeing Stars

by Emma January 24, 2014 0 comment
Sea star
Up close and personal with a Sea Star in the Caribbean sea.

The ocean has always had a strong hold over me. As I have chosen a life where I live close the sea, my everyday actions are dictated by the ocean’s moods and energies. If she is rough and violent, I stand in awe of Nature’s fury. If she is calm and cool, I join her and dive deep. If she has abundant energy and synchronizes with the wind, I grab a board and try to dance with her.

It is no mystery that the shorelines of the countries and continents of the world are the most densely populated. Wether you jump into the ocean to play in the waves, dip under the surface, swim with friends, or simply cleanse yourself… there is power in that gigantic body of water, for it is far larger than our beloved land.

Cheers to another week.

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