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I could tell you

by Emma November 25, 2013 0 comment


I could tell you

that it was easy.

Growing my wings

was an afternoon task.


I could tell you

that my life is all you see.

Status, confirmation, disdain, jealousy, envy,

all messages across the borders of the unbridled information highway.

New worlds unfold every night

when I’m sleeping, simultaneously dreaming

about the undiscovered paths and trails.


I could tell you

that my happiness is unending.

That would lead you astray.

I could tell you

that my life is beautiful.

So is yours, on any given day.

I could tell you

that by coming here you’re in on my secret.

Or that you’re wasting your time,

or I’m wasting mine.


I could tell you

about my troubles

of finance, romance, galore.

No one likes negativity.

Nor positivity.

So what is it?


I will tell you

there is nothing more exhilarating

than creating your own life,

on your own terms,

on your own time.


Growing your wings

is a lifelong journey,

filled with flightless years.


I could tell you,

but I’d have to kill you.

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