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by Emma July 8, 2014 0 comment

We all love the internet for so many reasons. Cat videos, food blogs, online shopping, ebooks, streaming movies and personal blogs are all the rage. All the time.

Above all, it is a wealth of information available for free, at any time of the day, any time of the week, whenever, wherever.  It used to be that you had to take class, buy a book or visit a library to learn a trade, to read up on someone’s experiences and lessons, to gain knowledge. Now all you need is a browser and some time.

As Global Frolic has grown, I’ve found a lot of you asking for certain information that I  don’t have on hand and I end up referring you to another website. To make the acquisition of information faster for all of us, here’s a list of my favorite websites, blogs, inspiration and information stations.



Matt is the ultimate adventurer and captures it beautifully in his photographs and writing. A professional photographer turned professional vagabond. He also introduced me to Osprey via a hilarious story of Gringo’s Revenge.

Go Backpacking

The greatest resource. Seriously. David has his shit on lockdown. After an epic RTW (round the world trip) he started this website, it now has many authors as well. The destination list alone is encyclopedic.

Travel Blog Success

Also owned by David (above) and Michael. It’s aim is to support and educate a community of newbie to expert bloggers on anything from web design to headlines to monetizing your site. This is HANDS DOWN the best tool I’ve ever used in cultivating my business.

Legal Nomads

Former lawyer turned international foodie. I love Jodie. I love international food. I love photography. I love Legal Nomads.

The Everywhereist

She’s too good to be true, like your favorite sitcom star but way more accessible and without a script.


International and controversial hilarity. I still don’t know if this counts as a travel website but whatever.

Will Peach

Witty and condescending in a way that makes you question yourself, one of my only blogger newsletters that cuts to my core.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex provides an honest perspective on travels, budgeting and living off the grid. And her photography is spot on.

Nomadic Matt

Another big name in the travel blog biz. Extensive writing, blogging and traveling make this guy a very knowledgeable source.

Her Packing List

I don’t visit this site much anymore, but it was an amazing guide when I started traveling. From what to pack for ANY trip to luggage that is slash-proof and traveler tested.. it’s a solid resource.

Travel // Lifestyle

Salt Gypsy

My personal hero, inspiration and surf buddy: Danny. She’s the ORIGINAL surf leggings queen, grab a pair for the salty water, yoga, or running. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve met.

Goldfish Kiss

Rebekah Steen, artist, blogger, occasional bikini model and overall beach life inspiration. If this doesn’t make you hot and sweaty in the middle of winter I just don’t want to know you.

The Sea Kin

Surf, Lifestyle, Activism, Ecology and Community. So much good stuff going on here, I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know who’s behind it, or maybe I do, who knows. Just see for yourself.

Dirtbag Darling

Johnnie on Adventure, surfing, rock climbing, and health. Why say more?

Rebel on a Rainbow

A very adventurous couple living the van life in Aus & NZ.

GypSea Love 

Someone I’ve admired afar through social media, one day I hope to meet her and thank her for the insane inspiration. Her website is also drool-worthy. The photography is top-notch. She’s got style and beautiful surf shots. And beautifully insane surfing style. Top 5 girlcrushes.

The Drifter

Ming Nomchom, a surf and underwater photographer from Byron, Australia… enough to make you pack all your things up and buy a new board.

Unrelated to Travel // Seriously Related to Life

Traveling the world is great, but becoming the person you want to be takes more than that.


Getting better at being human. Seriously. An honest and open look at creating a more meaningful life. Read up.

Motivated Mastery

I found this website through the manifesto and proceeded to fall in love with Paul’s writing. His e-book and daily writing are some of the best out there.

The Minimalists

Discontent with their lives, even though they had “everything” they dropped that “everything” and found something.

Zen Pencils

An amazing cartoonist realized his dream of.. cartooning. He takes inspirational quotes and turns them into full-fledged cartoons. Not only entertaining but uplifting, challenging and interesting as well.

Elephant Journal

You’re one stop-shop for all things mindful. It’s an online magazine, so get ready for some serious variety… covering everything from see-through-yoga-pants, spirituality and the woes of drinking milk.

Rebelle Society

Elephant Journals more saucy, rebellious and artistic sister… Some seriously creative minds come together to artfully create rebellion… or rebel creatively… or….

No Vacation Required

Decide to live deliberately. Inspiring and real-time lifestyle changes!

Thoughts Become Things

This is a serious inspirational website. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like a good ol kick in the butt once a day in your mailbox, then I strongly suggest this.

As with anything and everything, this list is not exhaustive and will change. Refer back to it over time and check out the new sites in town.

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