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NYC Women’s Surf Film Festival 2015

by Emma August 4, 2015 0 comment

Lady-sliders parading around as city gals, rejoice!

On August 15, the annual New York City Women’s Surf Film Festival comes to Rockaway Beach Surf Club. This is one of those rare times I wish I lived in the Big Apple. For those of you able to attend, you will not want to miss this epic event.

From Morgan Maassen and Stephanie Gilmore to big wave rider Paige Alms, the women’s surf scene is exploding with talent, passion and creativity. The films range from documentary-style narratives to evocative and artistic portrayals of the upcoming female take-over of the surf world.

Stephanie from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

World champ, Stephanie Gilmore, is the focal point of Morgan Maassen’s “Stephanie”, a hypnotic and stylish short of her surfing in Hossegor, France. I consequently was there at the time, gushing and being an all around groupie. I could watch this clip all day, every day.

The women’s surf industry is blossoming after many years of stagnation.

The women featured in all of the films are an eclectic mix of cultures, styles and influences on the surf world. Even the sponsors of the event are female owned or female-centric companies including my favorites: SEEA, Salt Gypsy, NYC Surf Chicas, and Dirtbag Darling. My heart is happy.

We Rise Together – Official Trailer from Boardhead Brothers on Vimeo.

Join us as we celebrate the independent voices of women’s surfing.

We Rise Together, as a first installment of this series, is a short film that aims to showcase the substance behind three of Southern California’s kind-hearted and fun-loving female surfers. Join the experience as we follow Eveline Van Brande, Taylor Nelson and Anna Ehrgott for a weekend at sea. Our story explores the lives of these influential heroines as they engage in activities designed to inspire their active lifestyles and creative pursuits.

There are many times in my life that I wish teleportation was a viable transportation option… and this is no difference. DirtbagDarling just recently did a roundup of her top five films she’s stoked to see. I can’t say I disagree.

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