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Portugal on the Instagram Stage

by Emma December 11, 2014 2 comments

It is no surprise that internet connection is not a first priority when you are trekking and traveling through a country. However, playing with photography is. I spent the month of October living in van, driving up and down the Portuguese coast in search of waves and ambience. While the connection was sometimes non-existent, when I did connect, it was too slow to do much but do a little Instagram update, effectively telling my parents and friends I was still alive and well. Here’s what I saw, through the tiny lens of my phone.


Spin cycle

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The laundry situation was easy when it was sunny, but when we were trapped inside for a week with rain and winds, it did not smell as nice.    

A moment of sunshine today on an otherwise windy, rainy and grey day. A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

The first area we found that was habitable in a van was Costa Nova, on the North coast of Portugal, south of Porto. It had a long white sand beach with variable beach breaks. Unfortunately an enormous storm lingered in the area rendering us van-hobbits.


Street food discoveries: chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire is not just the lyric of a Christmas song. It’s a daily snack.      

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Stormy skies and no surf turned me into an obsessive compulsive photographer.



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Rainy and gloomy in Costa Nova.    

So, Nazaré was massive today. Thanking my lucky stars our cameras didn’t get soaked. A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

Next stop was Nazaré, famous for a big wave spot for professional surfers. On an especially impressive day, you can climb down a rickety metal staircase to feel as close to the action as possible.


The geography of Nazaré was interesting. The first day we found our way to the bottom of a massive cliff, spending most of our time wandering the cobblestone streets and exploring the small city. Straight up the cliff was an elevator and walking path to another part of the city.  

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Sunshine happy hops | Nazaré A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

Jumping for joy. Sunshine and surf!


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We drove further South, ending up in the Peniche area. Exploring the various surf breaks and red clay cliffs brought us closer to what we were looking for all along.      

  Sometimes the sky just shows you what’s up.   A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

After a lot of driving and rainy days in the van, lounging on the beach was a luxury I was not accustomed to.


This mornings run | brought to you by my fear of the current surf conditions. A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

Further adventures South we found our favorite spot on the coast- Ericeira.        

  Azul   A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

An old city, white walls and blue trim set on cliffs above reef and point breaks. Equal parts wild and adventurous and Old European.


I am caught in a full on love affair with Ericeira, especially the locals. A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

The locals were nice, too.        

  The original Neighborhood Watch program.     A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on


Lisboa | Vista A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

A quick trip to Lisbon to visit an old friend, I unfortunately took only one picture of the graffiti. We spent most of the day walking and drinking, the natural course of action in a new city.  

  Today was a very, very interesting day.   A photo posted by Emma Doyle (@global_frolic) on

My last surf in Portugal gifted me with a new scar. An invariable part of surf travel is pushing your limits and occasionally meeting them.


To follow along on the next adventure and see what my daily life is like (along with hundreds of photos backlogged) find me at @global_frolic. It is oftentimes the only social medium I update when I’m on the road.
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