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Summertime and the living is…

by Emma July 21, 2013 0 comment

Easy? Not so much.

Breezy? Not that either..


It’s been a wicked hectic spring and summer. The return from Costa Rica was less than blissful. My health went from the best it’s ever been to less than desirable. With that went my mind! The absence of writing and posting was a direct result. With over a dozen half-written posts, articles I have yet to edit, and travel guides to towns all around my favorite little Pura Vida paradise… I promise you much more content as soon as I can. 


As I struggle to keep my sanity juggling three jobs, double-shift-days and 16 hour weekends, I invite you to check out some of my favorite websites for inspiration and a little cool-off. They range from vagabonding-nomadic-writers to expat turned newpat fun-seekers.


  • A new favorite- Goldfishkiss is a fun, bikini-laden website; easy reads and fun contests make this a winner for a hot afternoon.


  • My first inspiration for this website came from a number of travel blogs, but Matt at ExpertVagabond is the real deal.


  • A true leader in the field of travel blogging and a personal mentor to the Travel Blog Success community, David at GoBackpacking has it figured out. This is an incredible resource and tool for any and every traveler.


  • Another invaluable resource, the wonderful couple at Wesaidgotravel brings pertinent travel advice and topics from around the world.


This list is nowhere near the number of bookmarks I’ve got, my recent websites list is extensive.. and I plan on airing my dirty laundry more often.. but as I sit on the steps of a closed library siphoning off the free Wifi.. I leave you with one last cheeky writer, Will Peach.


Cheers to cooling & and signing off!

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