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The Times are Changin’

by Emma September 29, 2015 0 comment

The change of seasons has always given me a strange feeling.

Living in a region with such drastic seasonal changes we tend to wish away what we have in favor of what’s coming or what just was. When we are buried in five feet of snow we dream of endless beach days. When its scorching outside we crave flannels and the crunch of freshly fallen leaves.

The transition can be quick, a light switch flicked on the way out the door. Other times it may be a slow inching in of cooler air, of light cast across the walls differently, a gradual dimmer switch slowly fading out Summer.

Head of the Meadow Reflections


Transition is an proper term for what happens on Cape Cod. The bustle of high volume tourist towns turns to tranquility. Businesses hang their “see you next season” promise in windows.

The aggravation of heavy traffic and twenty-minute two-mile-drives are all but forgotten. The air is a bit fresher, the light a little more golden, the smiles a little wider.

We gladly wave goodbye to the last few vacationers as they drive back to the mainland and breathe a collective sigh of relief.

We’ve made it.


Dennis storm


Time to get on with the real work. Projects become priority. Art, music, travel, surf, writing, be what it may. Life slows to a tolerable pace. What was once a 7 day work week turns into a calendar penciled in with trips, creative endeavors, quality time and surf missions.

I welcome Autumn just like I do any other transition : with anxious enthusiasm. More than ever I recognize my inability to reconcile the opposition that lives within me. I itch to travel and explore. I cannot deny my need to be somewhere new, to not know what’s next. At the same time I crave the coziness of knowing exactly where the light switch is in the middle of the night.

This year I’m going to attempt satisfying both of those needs. While in the past I have traveled extensively for four to seven months at a time, this year will be a little different for the Global Frolic team. Smaller, more intensive trips will the call.

Up next? I’ll give you one hint: it’s not known for its surfing, but that is precisely why I am going.

As always, keep adventuring.

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