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There is Beauty in Everything

by Emma April 8, 2015 0 comment

A few months ago I witnessed my friend’s toddler seeing the moon rising behind the palm trees for the first time. The look of awe on his face blew me away. His eyes followed the moon from the horizon, he made a circle with his hands and lined it up with the moon. Keeping the moon in his hands, he traced its path. Circle! Diamond! Circle! He was so genuinely excited.

It was such a sweet reminder to look at everything with fresh eyes. A reminder to notice how expansive our Earth is, how beautiful the sky is, to look at what is around us, all the time. There is beauty in every little thing.
Moon and Palms

That sense of wonder is often lost in adults, we become busy and normalized to all the incredible things happening every single day. Rote activity and routine rule our mornings, our afternoons and our evenings.

Open your eyes. Look up. Look down. Look everywhere.


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