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Unplugging for The Greater Good

by Emma March 10, 2015 1 comment

We all know what Burn Out (with a capital B and O) feels like. Maybe you’re working too much, or too often, or juggling family, work and social life. Maybe you’re like me and you just can’t say no. Maybe, just maybe, we all need to say No more than just once-in-a-blue-moon. Between two jobs, one volunteering gig, this website and freelance jobs, I’m spent. Sure, I live in Costa Rica and it’s pretty damn amazing to wake up and walk to the beach and jump in the ocean, but Burn Out doesn’t discriminate.

So, the time is now friends. Take a day off. Turn off that cellphone. Turn off all the screens telling you what to do, who to talk to, when to talk to them and close your eyes. Or walk outside. Or read a book. Or play an instrument. Or paint, draw, sculpt. Do something for no reason at all.

We have this silly notion that if we don’t keep DOing, we will fail, fall behind, or worse- be scrutinized. Tell that part of your ego to shut it. It’s wrong. The world, your world, will not stop spinning. It will do just fine without you and you will do better if you take a mini vacation to recharge, refresh and relax.

I’m taking this week to do just that, so pardon the silence on Global Frolic’s end.

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