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Visiting the Fremantle Markets in Perth, Australia

by Emma January 13, 2015 0 comment

Everyone loves a good market. Food, flea or artisanal, a day at the market is always intriguing and usually, filling. This past Spring I visited Perth in Western Australia to hunt waves, dolphin watch and camp under the stars in Margaret River. On the first day, we visited the famous Fremantle Markets, or “Fre-yo” Markets as the WA kids say. Just a ten minute drive from central Perth, this was an ideal weekend outing.


Downtown Fremantle is a bustling town of creative types, international foods and happy tourists. With the Market, various shops, incredible street art and several critically acclaimed restaurants, the downtown area is almost always bustling. Street performers pulled crowds of fifty people or more and live musicians graced lunch-goers.




Once inside the Market, things got interesting. Between the smoothie booths, juice makers and coffee connoisseurs, it was difficult for me to make it past the first few minutes into the market.

Smoothies and Coffees

Pushing further into the depths of the beast revealed even more treats: Paella, greek goodies, pizzas, pies, cupcakes, and a full-on fruit and vegetable stand.

Fruit and Sweets


Fruit Stand


Greek + Green = Heaven.

It was a good thing we were on a schedule and had specific goals for the day, otherwise I would have stayed in the Fremantle Market all day, sampling and eating my heart out. If you are visiting Perth, or its outlying towns, make your way to Fremantle on the weekend and check out the action. It is well worth the trip.

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