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by Emma May 25, 2014 0 comment


If you haven’t heard of Holstee… hold onto your hats. The revolutionary movement of mindful thinking, passionate living and dream weaving curates a blog, created a manifesto to change the world and empowers people around the world to pursue a life of meaning.  They’ve recently tackled the painful assumption that those who pursue their passions as careers are self-indulgent and naive.

I’ve read a few articles online in the past year or so that have struck me down so poignantly with the “Generation Y is a bunch of whiney spoiled brats who only want to do what is fun” theme. On the other hand, Holstee and other websites and movements have helped me realize that doing what I love is more than okay, it is what I NEED to do.

Challenging the status quo and leaving behind everything that I am “supposed” has allowed me to help others and contribute to my community in more ways than I could have imagined. My personal happiness is directly related to my productivity and ability to give freely to others around me.

Reject being a cog in a cubicle not because you are ungrateful for an opportunity to work, or because you only want to have fun, but because upholding the status quo is unacceptable.

-Tylea Richard, Head of Production at Holstee


To read more about being “awake”, find your way to the Holstee web page, check out the blog and peep their manifesto. It inspired thousands of folks to drop the meaningless shit and find what calls them. It can help you too.

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