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We are All Wealthy

by Emma March 1, 2016 0 comment
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Some days you wake up and feel the weight of every decision you’ve made.

Nostalgia, regret, a longing for the chance to choose differently.

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The community you’ve voluntarily left.

The jobs that weren’t challenging you enough.

The people who fell by the wayside while you were too busy.

The relationships that could’ve, would’ve been amazing,

if you just had the time.

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The places you could’ve seen if you had the resources.

The things you could’ve accomplished,

if there were just 5 more hours in a day,

just a little more time.

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Time is our most valuable and precious asset.

We spend it like it’s money,




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But the truth is that once time is spent,

there are no refunds.

no exchanges.

no re-do’s.

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It is time, now,

to pay attention.

Use attention to give value to your time.

Use it wisely.


We are all rich with the most valuable currency.

No 1% wealth mongers, no 98% yearning for more.

All of our pockets are bulging, wallets overflowing, account numbers through the roof.

There is no investment like the investment of time.

There is no better feeling than time well spent.

There is no greater accomplishment in life than to know that you’ve used your time wisely.

To arrive at death’s door knowing that you paid attention to the important things, that is the goal.

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