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What is This? A word on Labeling decisions

by Emma December 30, 2015 0 comment

Sometimes we make decisions, all the while thinking…

“I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure. I am just not sure.”

We put one foot down, follow it with the next foot and move forward.

“What the fuck am I doing?”

But it doesn’t matter what you label any of it. This IS it.

Ok, are you ready for something truly mind-blowingly simple? So simple that reading this next sentence might take a minute. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, the direction, the cadence… because you are still going where you are going. 

Let’s see if I can say this another way. You make a decision and that decision leads to action. While this action [this result of said decision] is going on, our mind loves to label it as “good” or “bad”.


“Milk was a bad choice.”

Regardless of what the mind says, this action is still going on. You can use the current information in the future and decide next time to not drink milk, but the stomach upset is already here and you cannot change it.

So instead of regretting something we’ve done, something we’ve “decided”, something that has led us to a certain point… all of that mental energy is a waste… because we are still here. Maybe with rumbling intestines, but here, still.

The long road home in Iceland

So instead of expending our mental energy on the “is this wrong” or “is this right” of something we cannot change, let’s just be here with our decision, shall we?

Because This, this thing that is happening, This IS it.

You must still deal with the consequences.

If I’ve lost you, it is all good. I felt this way a few months ago, after signing up for a Yoga Teacher Training.

“Am I sure?”

Again after sending the deposit in.

“Am I really going to do this?”

Again after arriving.

“Is this good for me?”

Again after the first day.

“This is good. Wait, no, this is bad. Yes. This is good.”

In truth, it didn’t matter what I labeled it. It didn’t matter whether I thought it was right, or wrong. Because I still made a decision. I was still going through with it. What I labeled it did not change the truth that day in, day out, I participated in a Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Teacher Training Nosara Yoga Institute 2015

During the follow-through is not when you question the decision.

So if this seems really abstract or if you feel like you just wasted four minutes of your time, one day it may hit you that Ron Burgundy didn’t need to feel so much mental anguish about his beverage choice. But maybe not. Maybe Anchorman isn’t your thing.

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