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What I’ve been up to : Winter on Cape Cod

by Emma March 12, 2017 0 comment
Winter Cape Cod, New England, Wellfleet

When I moved back to the Northeast from Costa Rica my surfing friends, fellow sunshine chasers and inner demons all screamed “but what about WINTER?!”. A self-proclaimed snow bird, chasing swell and sun during the winter months, had decided to nest in the least likely of places : back from where I came.

Brutal and erratic, New England winters by the sea are no easy feat. However, as I’ve come to slowly realize, I crave stability more than I’ve let on. To feel rooted and grounded in one place so I can focus on growth. Self development certainly happens on the road, but it is easy to be distracted. Easy to fool yourself. Easy to reinvent who you are. Easy to get lost in the next new friend, group, activity. Too easy to focus on outward connections with new beautiful souls instead of the nitty gritty work of getting down with my own.

This winter? I’m checking off the boxes of tasks that I’ve rarely come close to accomplishing. The biggest one?

Stop Rushing.

This is a huge feat for anyone raised in the Western world. Lucky for us Cape Codders, slowing down is inherent. For a majority of the Outer Cape, it is a forced thing. Businesses close. Hang their “See you next season” signs and board up the windows. Hibernate. Draw the curtains. Inward, we go.

As this work is entirely personal and behind closed doors, oftentimes when I’m asked “but what do you do?!” I reply with photographs.

This life is truly what you make of it.

If you asked me four years ago if I’d end up spending my winters in New England I would’ve scoffed. I would’ve pointed you to this very website. I would’ve claimed my need to travel. To discover. To see this world for myself. But now? The inner work, rootedness, and honestly – a growing concern about the environmental impact of my frequent travels, has me staying put. For now. As we know, everything always changes.


All photographs are from my iPhone as I’ve retired my DSLR for now. Happy travels.

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