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What You MUST DO in Mal Pais

by Emma March 4, 2014 0 comment

So you’ve found yourself on the Nicoya Peninsula, in a budding surf town on the south tip. What was once a small fishing village is now a prime spot for backpackers and surfers alike. Perhaps you are wondering how to fill your time. I can let you in on how I filled mine.

Wake early to hit the waves, rolling and gliding, riding the oceanic energies until the wind picks up, pushing the water in unfavorable ways. Step off the steaming sand, fit to grill your soles, grab your buried sandals and head home.

Pico de gallo, fresh coconuts and hammocks fills the late morning itinerary. Coffee chatter and slow reading takes up the time. Internet is down today, no connection to anything outside of the present situation, which happens to be quite pleasant for the duration.

Afternoon heat swells in the air, stretching, writing, drawing, watching lizards, sedentary activities are the ones most chosen.

The sun leaves its midday post. A break from the ordinary, a bubbling desire to head up the hill, to take it all in above the ocean yet still connected to an aquatic state. Hesitation to deviate from the norm, to leave behind my tree stump, from my visits it is well worn.

A late arrival, the sun is nearly gone, visitors already positioned for the best seat. The sun and sky dance together, showing off their relationship to all that can see. It dips below the horizon, leaving a slowly fading present, only beautiful because it is impermanent.

Onlookers debate the tides, currents, winds and swells. A continuous conversation, never-ending, picks up just where you left off; the ocean never stops delivering what we all crave.

Vistas de Olas
A view of the waves is its translation.

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